Solve your computer vision problems faster by putting the community to work Competition offer a number of key benefits to sponsors over other model-building solutions:

Complete confidentiality for your corporate data: Competition entrants never get to see corporate image data, unless sponsors want them to. Confidential images are used to measure the accuracy of the submitted models, which is done without entrants ever seeing the images themselves.

More generalizable models: Because the competition entrants are aggregating large sets of training images as they build their model, and because we aggregate this training data, the models produce by Competitions are more generalizable to real-world conditions than model produced on in-house images alone.

Speed to Final Model: Because is a rapid development platform, each competitor can build, refine and submit many models in a short amount of time. Our typical competition is one month in length.

Low Risk Way to Build Models: Depending on the time and complexity, building a computer vision model can run hundreds of thousands of dollars in time and expenses before you even get to deployment. Competition fees start as low as $10,000, derisking the model creation process.

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